Thursday, December 25, 2008

Since its inception, the Christian Action Ministries for Haiti had tried to steal the aid of destitute children। At a time where we are now, we commit ourselves more in their favor through the new place they occupy in our action।

This first release of our publication presents the bulk of our activities , but particularly because the presentation of a category often forgotten and marginalized of our society in Haiti-needy children / ओर्फंस. These are children who lack access to education, affection of a family, medical care, etc॥ if we do not enormous efforts towards them, many continue to delinquency, and spend their youth in the deprivation of basic all its forms. It is incumbent upon us as a task not only humanitarian but also our assistance is a Christian action in favor of those who most need us. To help these children, many of whom are currently orphaned, abused or in domestic service is a challenge. And yet it was only in meeting this challenge that we are fulfilling our commitments to these children if we offer them everything they need, then we can make a difference. And I know that we are the arrivals.

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